Christmas Tree Mt. Top Tree Farm

Real Trees vs. Artificial Trees


As real trees reach maturity ( 8 - 15 years ) they produce less oxygen so they are no longer adding to the oxygen production in our country.

When real trees are harvested tree farmers replant with young seedlings, and as they grow to maturity, are continually adding to our oxygen production.

Artificial trees "wear out" and are thrown in landfills where they may never deteriorate.

Approximately 80% of all artificial trees are produced in China.

Real trees are grown here in the United States and not imported. Tree farms provide jobs, not just during the Christmas season but all year long with the maintenance and upkeep of the trees.

By buying a real tree you are helping to keep tree farms across the country alive along with the wildlife that live there. Tree farms provide a natural habitat for wildlife during cold winter months.

According to the National Christmas Tree Association ( NCTA ) at no time can a real tree start or cause a fire. Christmas trees do not spontaneously combust. Fires are usually caused by faulty wires or overloaded electric outlets.